Where can I buy Aqua Velva?

Visit the Buy page to find out.

Is Aqua Velva available in different sizes:

Currently Aqua Velva is available in the following sizes: 3.5oz to be TSA Compliant and 7.0oz to last longer and minimize trips to the store.

Is Aqua Velva’s plastic bottle recyclable?

Yes, Aqua Velva’s bottle is recyclable.

Are coupons available for this product online? If not, how do I obtain some?

Currently Aqua Velva coupons are not available online; however, you can contact us at any time by calling toll free at (1 800-431-2610). We will be happy to mail you money-saving coupons.

How long has Aqua Velva existed?

Aqua Velva has existed since 1917 and is America’s first after shave.

Has the formula changed?

The Aqua Velva formula has not changed.

Do you sell Aqua Velva directly in bulk?

Sorry, we are unable to sell to you directly; however, we can provide web site or distributor information in your state.

Does Aqua Velva come in different fragrances?

Yes, Aqua Velva is available in Ice Blue, Musk, and Ice Sport fragrances.

Does Aqua Velva come in a sensitive formula?

Currently we do not make a sensitive formula.

What is the shelf life of Aqua Velva?

Aqua Velva has a three-year shelf life.

Does Aqua Velva contain alcohol?

Yes, Aqua Velva Ice Blue, Musk and Ice Sport contain alcohol.

Do you make underarm deodorant, body spray, or cologne for men?

Currently we do not.